Tactiles TGSI - Disability Guidance System
* Australian made and tested in our harsh climate
* 10 Year written tactile guarantee
* As hard wearing as Granite (CSIRO tested)
* Meet and exceeds Australian standards
* Supplied and Installed across Australian for over 10 Years
* Queensland, VicRoads and Western Australian approved
* Simple D.I.Y. Installation, or use our professional installers

We offer a supply, design and installation service for tactiles in accordance with AS1428 with the ability to service both large and small clients.

Self adhesive Tactiles
for outdoor & Indoor Installations

The Guardian Tactile Peel, Bond and Walk system has become so popular for
internal and external installations that it became an industry standard.

There are plenty of cheap knock off / direct copies available but these inferior
versions WILL fail and become a trip hazard to pedestrians. They look unsightly
and could leave the owner / installer up for litigation.


We pride ourselves on the highest quality tactile in the marketplace. Many competitors have attempted to copy our products and cannot deliver the professional workmanship that our research and development teams have already achieved.

If your tiles are not labelled with the Guardian Tactile logo, then you are buying counterfeit poor quality tiles which fade and de-laminate over time. These defective tiles do not comply to the AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009 and present a trip hazard to pedestrians.

Some counterfeit tiles are identifiable by the brown paper backing and
the circular blemish mark located in the middle of the tile.

Back of Counterfeit Tactile     Front of Counterfeit Tactile

Here are some questions to ask before purchasing Self Adhesive Tactiles.

Where are the Tactiles made? And what are they made of?
Copy tiles are usually made in China by unknown companies using unknown compounds, some of these counterfeit tiles use low grade Polyurethane and some use PVC which are chemically unstable when used outside, slippery to walk on, and can shrink and curl.

Counterfeit tactiles which are made in Australia use cheap unverified compounds.

These rubber tiles are UV unstable and only suitable for internal installations because
they crack, peel and delaminate. The so called super-sticky glue adhesives to stick down
the tiles are dangerous and carcinogenic.

Guardian Tactiles are made in Australia. They are made from premium quality German Bayer high-tech polyurethane..... Certified

Ask what sort of warranty do copy Tactiles have? Does the warranty cover external and or internal installations? Also make sure the warranty covers tile discolouration due to UV, cracking, delamination and failure of the butyl rubber adhesive.

Has the company been in business long enough to offer any sort of warranty?

Guardian Tactiles carry a 10 year guarantee against discolouration, cracking and delamination
We have been selling and installing Tactiles since 2003

Ask if the tactile are suitable for external, and or internal installations and what substrates can they be installed to?

Guardian Tactiles are suitable for both internal and external to all substrates, asphalt, concrete, timber, lino, carpet etc.

Backing adhesive quality:
The copy tiles use a cheap Chinese butyl rubber adhesive backing with a low tac.

Guardian Tactiles use a very expensive high quality cross linked butyl with a super strong grip.

Are these copy tiles suitable for external Installations?
Copy tile distributors like to promote a direct stick to all substrates. Their tile does not work due to their inferior cheap low stick butyl adhesive and they do not use a substrate primer.
After a short time these tiles will lift and peel.

Guardian Tactiles use a special primer that locks into the substrate and the tiles butyl backing ensuring a one piece bond.

So if you want a product that is using the highest quality compounds, designed
and produced in Australia, slip resistant, looks good, stays stuck and is long lasting,
insist on the original Guardian Tactile System............not a cheap knock-off copy

If you are a victim, let us know by calling 08 9240 1888

"We stand behind every tile we sell"

BEWARE of cheap imitations!
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